Single Hung and Double Hung

Vinyl replacement windows mean performance, sturdiness and good taste. The strength you need. The styles you demand.

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  • White Frame
  • Insulated glass
  • Insulated-Impact glass
  • Add Low E
  • Add tempered glass
  • Add colonial grids
  • Add obscure glass
  • Add bronze or grey tint to glass
  • Unequal vents

Single Hung

  • SH-201 75 DP, Insulated Glass, Max Size 53” x 75”
  • SH-300 70 DP, Insulated/IMPACT Glass, Max Size 52” x 75”

Double Hung

  • DH-200 70 DP, Insulated Glass, Max size 53” x 75”
  • DH-500 70 DP, Insulated/IMPACT Glass, Max size 52” x 75”

Innovation, experience, and conscientiousness reflect the state of mind of our designers when developing these replacement windows.

Hung windows are built with 2 vents that operate vertically. One vent is fixed in place for the single hung, while both vents move in the double hung. They are great for providing a large amount of light and optional cross-ventilation. All of these windows feature fully extruded screens and the vents tilt in for easy cleaning.

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Product related assets and information.

Vortex Single Hung and Double Hung Engineering


SH-201 Single Hung Glass DP 75 (FPA 15749)


NAMI NI012772-R3


SH-300 Single Hung IMPACT DP 70 (FPA 15749)


NAMI NI011055-R3


DH-200 Double Hung Glass DP 70 (FPA 15422)


NAMI NI010845-R4


DH-500 Double Hung IMPACT DP 70 (FPA 15422)


NAMI NI010847-R5

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