Picture Windows and Lip Frames

Perfect fixed replacement windows for areas where light and clutter-free viewing are more important than ventilation.

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  • White or bronze aluminum frame
  • Optional trapezoid configurations

Picture Windows available in Glass or Acrylic

Glass Options

  • 3/16th inch glass
  • 1/4th inch glass
  • Insulated glass
  • Impact glass
  • Add Low E
  • Add tempered glass
  • Add bronze or gray tint to glass

Acrylic Options

  • 3/16th inch in clear, bronze or gray

Lip Frames available in Glass, Acrylic, Soft Vinyl, or Screen

Glass Options

  • 1/8th inch tempered in clear, bronze or gray

Acrylic Options

  • 3/16th inch acrylic in clear, bronze or gray

Soft Vinyl Options

  • Clear
  • Bronze
  • Gray

Screen Options

  • 18/14 screen
  • 20/20 screen
  • Solar Screen in white or charcoal

Enjoy Outdoor Beauty and Inside Comfort.

The fixed picture window’s greatest design feature is its versatility, made possible by the simplicity of its construction. With no operating mechanism and very minimum amount of aluminum framing, picture windows can be designed in sizes and shapes to accommodate places where no vented window would dare to go. They can be grouped or arranged to compliment other operable windows or doors, or used alone.

Every picture window is custom made to the exact measurements and construction specifications provided by the licensed contractor.

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For Contractors

Product related assets and information.

Picture Window & Lip Frame Engineering


Picture Window GLASS 45DP (FPA 11028)


NAMI NI006062-R5


Picture Window TEMPERED GLASS 60DP (FPA 11028)


NAMI NI006062.01-R1


Picture Window IMPACT 60DP (FPA 11028)


NAMI NI009413-R6


Picture Window ACRYLIC


Lip Frame Detail

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