Long-Term Savings

Our custom window and door products provide many options to maximize energy performance, while maintaining the security and peace of mind of impact resistance.

Did you know?

On average, Americans pay between $1,500 and $2,500 annually on energy bills – largely driven by heating and cooling costs? Our energy efficient windows provide an added layer of insulation to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while driving down the cost to do so.

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Enhanced for energy efficiency

Our products are built to provide extra protection and comfort to your home and family. Our Vortex windows are built standard with argon gas to help reflect outside heat and keep indoor temperatures steady. There are other options to enhance the levels of energy efficiency, including:


Deflects the heat of the sun to boost energy savings while keeping your indoor climate more comfortable. We offer a range of LoE options to allow for more or less visible light transmittance based on personal preferences.


Available in a range of shades to reduce heat transmitted through windows and doors, even when facing direct sunlight. Our gray and bronze tints reduce the penetration of light and heat into your home.

Enhanced for Safety

Our Impact Resistance windows were designed to withstand up to 155 mph winds and the impact of flying debris.


Our 7/8” laminated insulated glass keeps out potential wind and water damage from a storm. The laminated insulating glass will always stay secure in the frame, even if impacted from outside elements, keeping you and your home safe from the storm.

When using impact resistant windows, you eliminate the need for additional shutters or plywood during storms. Our impact windows eliminate the need for added covering of each opening and the heavy lifting, storage, time and expense of shutters or plywood.


The durable interlayer (laminated glass) within the panes prohibits glass from being shattered from the outside, thus offering an added layer of protection and security from intruders.


The laminated glass used in our impact resistant windows reduces outside noise by absorbing sound rather than transmitting it.

Can impact windows reduce insurance premiums?

Due to regional variations and other factors in homeowners insurance, it’s impossible to say how much you and your family can save with impact windows. However, hurricane windows and doors can help you qualify for significant premium discounts and even local rebate programs if available.

Home value also has the potential to increase when you invest in impact doors and windows, as they are very appealing to home buyers. By some estimates, installing hurricane windows can deliver as much as an 80% return on investment.

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