Window Craftsmen manufactures custom windows, doors, porch enclosure products, and other building materials designed specifically for Florida conditions and engineered to comply with the stringent provisions of the new Florida Building Code. Window Craftsmen, Inc. | Florida Manufacturer of Sliding Glass Doors & Windows | Sarasota FL
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The Product Line

Glass Sliding Doors
70/75 Rated
70 Rated Sliding Glass Doors

These super-high-performance doors were designed to withstand the worst weather Florida has to offer - without sacrificing the elegant looks typical of Window Craftsmen's entire product line.

The basic Series 75 door features 1/4" tempered glass and heavy aluminum I-beam reinforcements to the stiles.

The impact door Series 70 door has the same construction but is glazed with laminated glass consisting of an .090" thick layer of Saflex polyvinyl butyral interlayer sandwiched between two lites of 1/4" heat-strengthened glass.

Typical of Window Craftsmen's sliding glass doors, the by-passing panels will slide either way - high design pressures are not achieved by fixing the panels within the door frame. The optional box screens are built to last as long as the doors themselves and never jump or stick in the track.

The table, drawings, and notes in the Installation Details listed below show all the possible configurations of the Series 70/75 doors and the corresponding design pressures. The files can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Feel free to download and print them for any use.

  75 Rated SGD (192" x 96") Pocket / By-Pass / Center-Meet
  Florida Building Approval No: FL12249/FL10208(HVHZ)
SGD 75 RATED Installation Details - Download PDF(FL)    Download PDF(HVHZ)
NCTL-210-3220-1A SGD-C75 Test Report - (Upon Request)
NCTL-210-3220-1B SGD-C75 Test Report - (Upon Request)
NAMI Certification No: NI006716-R3 - Download PDF

  Storm-Guardian 70 Rated SGD Impact Resistant (192" x 96")
Pocket / By-Pass / Center-Meet
  Florida Building Approval No: FL10208
SGD 70 RATED Installation Details - Download PDF(FL)    Download PDF(HVHZ)
NCTL-210-3112-1 SGD-C70 Test Report - (Upon Request)
NCTL-210-3112-1A and NCTL-210-3112-1A SGD-C70 Test Report - (Upon Request)
NAMI Certification No: NI005980A-R3 - Download PDF

  1. White or bronze aluminum extrusions.
  2. Special high-security head jamb.
  3. Energy-efficient through-tinted glass in a variety of colors available.
  4. All stainless steel fasteners.
  5. Nylon rollers in aluminum housings for quiet, effortless, trouble-free operation. Tandem rollers for the impact doors.
  6. Extensive weather stripping, including heavy interlock fin.
  7. Stiles reinforced with all-aluminum I-beam stiffeners.
  8. Limited lifetime warranty.
  9. Never an up-charge for custom sizes.

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